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Noontec MovieHome V7 media player (English)

Well, I’ve decided to write this post in English (mainly because Noontec is sold in Australia and New Zealand) hoping that some things will change somewhere, somehow.

So, last year I’ve decided to buy a media player in order to watch movies on my TV, instead of watching them on the PC’s LCD standing on a chair. The choice wasn’t easy, I had to choose between specifications and the price range. Finally I’ve bought a Noontec MovieHome V7 media player. From the specifications, it seemed to be a very good choice for $80 price:

Noontec MovieHome V7 media player

Noontec MovieHome V7 media player

2 USB ports
1 HDMI port
1 USB to PC port
supports an internal 3.5″ SATA drive (which is not included in the package, but it has built in connectors and cables for SATA power and SATA data)
pretty large and comfortable remote control (powered by 2x AAA batteries, included)
CVBS and stereo output for older TVs
1 coaxial digital sound output for multichannel audio (from the menu you can select the downmix to 2.0 or the passthrough of 5.1 digital audio)
… also in the box there are included 10 screws: 4+1 (spare) for the bottom lid and 4+1 (spare) for securing the HDD.

Nice, huh? Well, the show starts after watching 5 to 10 movies because it will drive you nuts:

it can only read .srt external subtitles (.sub are not accepted)
the subtitle must have the same name as the movie file
– not all the subtitles embedded in .mkv files are read
– movies that have a total play time over 2 hours will not be played completely, after reaching the 2:00:00 mark the movie will restart and it’s very very very frustrating. Imagine that when you are cozy on the sofa and you’re waiting breathless to see the ending, bam! … you need to go to the computer to see the last 2-30 minutes.
– if you have fitted the media player with an internal HDD and you plug in an external device like an USB stick, you’ll notice that from 10 to 10 minutes the HDD is powered down and then powered back on … and it makes a lot of noise (plus the wearing of the drive).
you cannot copy/delete files from the media player’s menu (you’ll have to connect the MovieHome V7 to your PC in order to do that)
– there is no Firmware Upgrade option in the menu
– no 12 bit color over HDMI

These issues were found on V3.0_Cedar1112_R1.0 firmware. Later on, after the the new firmware release, I’ve found that I need a memory card + a memory card reader in order to copy the firmware on my PC. Done! I’ve bought both devices but the software provided isn’t able to decompress the files, it outputs some kind of information but it’s in Chinese!!! So, it doesn’t work!

So, if you need crappy tech support, Chinese based bugged software brought in a fancy box, just go ahead and buy a Noontec MovieHome V7 media player. You may find some interesting things about it:

+ a very quick menu response
+ an adjustable size, position and color (white, gray, red, blue, green … no yellow) of the subtitles
+ a discrete 2 color (red – off, blue – on) LED on the front
+ black simple case with a black semi-transparent front
+ good IR sensor
+ cool when operating
+ „GO TO” function so you can skip some part of the movie
+ auto-resume of the movie from the point it was stopped
+ pretty heavy, when fitted with an internal hard drive, with a large and sturdy base (with rubber feet)

My opinion is that the concept is good, the price is good, the Noontec support sucks (both Australia and China) … and overall, this device (firmware) should not have been released until all the bugs were fixed. There are rumors that full HD content (1080p) has some glitches during playing.

UPDATE 2nd of January 2013

An update is available, unfortunatelly the website isn’t available. The file is called update_dvd_20110308.nsi.
Speaking of which, I found a new update file on the Noontec Thailand website, but it’s an .img file and doesn’t install.

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  1. 23 Ianuarie, 2011 la 10:33 am

    Well, I’ve managed to update the firmware on Noontec V7 to version V3.0_Cedar1207_R1.0-V7 . The instructions given by Noontec for updating the firmware are bullshit … you just have to:

    copy the .nsi file in the root of an USB stick,
    connect the stick to the Noontec MovieHome V7 media player,
    power on the media player
    access the file through the menu
    wait until it restarts (it takes 2-3 minutes so don’t press any key on the remote control).

    And theeeeen … you’ll find out that the new firmware offers some new bad surprises: menu is laggy, some movies (avi, xvid) have some glitches (significant drop in fps), all the bugs from the original post are still there.

    One more thing: if you didn’t upgrade the firmware to the latest version, DON’T DO IT! Noontec’s V7 firmware v1207 adds more bugs and you won’t be able to roll back to the original one because Noontec didn’t include the original firmware on the download page. 😦

  2. 7 Martie, 2011 la 8:24 pm

    Well, well, well … a new firmware is out since 21.02.2011. The same bugged software, except the fact that they have fixed the 2 hour play limit. I’ve noticed some laggy reproduction of the Blu-Ray RIPs. Still not ok! 😦

  3. Firem4nJoe
    9 Iunie, 2011 la 2:34 am

    I’m just getting annoyed that certain .avi movies will play fine but some won’t play at all on the V7, the player just skips straight to the next file, yet they all play fine on a PC. If a firmware upgrade won’t fix issue this I’ll just leave the factory installed firmware on and not bother updating.

    Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

  4. Firem4nJoe
    9 Iunie, 2011 la 11:23 am

    Through a systematic process of elimination I have found that all the files I have play fine once I rename them and remove any colons from the file name.

    In other words…
    „Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.avi” won’t play but „Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen.avi” will.

    Hope this helps some people out there.

    • 19 Iunie, 2011 la 3:23 pm

      Noontec’s support is 0 (zero). This media player is more stupid than a regular DVD player, although it has a Linux based OS. I regret not buying a Raidsonic.

    • Bolek
      15 August, 2011 la 9:10 pm

      how to make movie played automatically with subtitles provided (.srt). I don’t seem to manage to do that. Have to select subtitles every time manually. MOvie and subtitles have the same name. Any trick? Or am I doing something wrong?

  5. 7 Octombrie, 2011 la 9:17 pm

    It’s 7th of October 2011 and Noontec stopped supporting their V7 model on the Download-Service website. That model is full of software bugs and they don’t give a sh*t! This brand sucks big time!

    • Andrei Petre
      13 Noiembrie, 2012 la 11:44 am

      There is a software V7II_V3.110428.06. Does anybody tried it? It works with the old MP?

  6. 27 Ianuarie, 2012 la 9:54 am

    Hi Gentlement …

    I have bought Noontec v7 too , but my remote control is broken ,so I can’t turn the unit on …

    I wonder if you have any idea that how we can turn it on permanent , I mean when I plug the power then it turns on …

    Thank you in advance .

  7. nita
    10 Februarie, 2012 la 3:46 am

    hear hear I cant believe the time it has taken to store files to fine v7 will not now play on the tv. nothing no menu no screen nothing wish we had read these coments first

  8. Dan
    13 Decembrie, 2014 la 11:09 pm

    Linkul pt „update_dvd_20110308.nsi” de pe site-ul rusesc este valid !
    iar update-ul este OK. Functioneaza fara nicio problema. A disparut si limitarea la filmele mai lungi de 2 ore.

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